Blogging, Another New Goal!

The truth is I don’t often make “official” goals. I am not one of those who makes New Years Resolutions, I don’t even make exercise goals. However, I am trying to make myself commit to being a better blogger. That is, if I even publish this latest Blog Post. Blog … a portmanteau (combining both sounds and meanings of two or more words [yea, I looked that up]) of the term web log and displayed in reverse chronological order – the most recent post appears first.

So, with that in mind, I begin.  Tis the time of year when we all scramble to get that family picture done in time to give away a beautiful family portrait for Christmas and hey, as long as we are at it include that darling shot of our dear ones in the traditional holiday greeting card! I have been busy helping families accomplish that and will continue until Dec. 1, when I collapse and try to pull my own families Christmas wishes together. Contact me soon as time is ticking and spots are filling.

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