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The truth is I don’t often make “official” goals. I am not one of those who makes New Years Resolutions, I don’t even make exercise goals. However, I am trying to make myself commit to being a better blogger. That is, if I even publish this latest Blog Post. Blog … a portmanteau (combining both sounds and meanings of two or more words [yea, I looked that up]) of the term web log and displayed in reverse chronological order – the most recent post appears […] Continue reading →


Cute family! […] Continue reading →

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See Ya!

After the Holiday season my husband and I took our children, and grandchildren to Hawaii. Great place for family relaxation and photo’s!   […] Continue reading →


For Mom

Merry Christmas to their mom, surprise!   […] Continue reading →

New missionary photo of an Elder serving in Argentina   […] Continue reading →


I’m 1

I’m 1   […] Continue reading →


Miss A

Miss A…Heart Stealer   […] Continue reading →

Such a wonderful family and darling little girl! She is growing up so fast!   […] Continue reading →

Blog = Web Log It’s true; I am horrible at blogging. I blame my parents for no reason at all, in fact their very proactive people and the darling couple pictured above. Ok, so I can’t blame them. I love sharing my work, but I would rather work. But I love my work so much that I don’t really refer to it as work. Um… I wonder if I could learn to love to Blog? Anyway I am trying to get better and so I’ll be catching up. Thanks for stopping by!   […] Continue reading →

Watch your children, your wives and your husbands, the witch is getting everybody around here!   […] Continue reading →

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